En GO Markets, nos dedicamos a brindar a nuestros clientes las herramientas bursátiles más avanzadas y potentes para una variedad de mercados. Para los operadores que recién comienzan, perfeccionar sus habilidades en nuestro entorno de demostración le permite familiarizarse con nuestras plataformas de operaciones y herramientas bursátiles.

Para los operadores ya familiarizados con las operaciones de derivados, ofrecemos las robustas plataformas MetaTrader 4 y MetaTrader 5 con la ventaja de márgenes competitivos y atención multilingüe de primera clase. También permitimos operaciones flexibles en una variedad de mercados de divisas y contratos CFD, que incluyen criptomonedas, productos básicos (commodities), índices y opciones binarias a través de MetaTrader 4 y MetaTrader 5.

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Online CFDs Trading with GO Markets

Forex Trading

The Forex market is the world’s most liquid and traded financial market, providing the opportunity for novice and seasoned traders alike to manage and trade foreign currencies instantaneously. GO Markets offers advanced platforms and powerful tools such as MT4 and MT5 to help you manage, monitor and analyse global Forex trading easily.

Trading Metals

The trading of precious metals remains a popular market for traders across the globe. At GO Markets, you can trade metals such as Gold and Silver whilst having access to informative broker data, award-winning technology, and competitive spreads and low margins.

Trading Commodities

Trading commodities offers new and professional traders a more traditional trading format in the economic sector. With options for trading both soft and hard commodities, commodity trading differs from FX as it involves the trading of physical goods while still providing the opportunity for trading. GO Markets allows you to trade a vast range of commodities effectively and efficiently online.

Index Trading

Why analyse hundreds of stocks when you can get exposure to them by trading index CFD’s? Whether for hedging purposes or as a standalone trade, trading index CFD’s enables you to trade the movement of the underlying asset’s price without buying the futures contract. Index trading is the perfect entree if you are making the move from share trading to derivatives, as you trade what you know but differently.


With the crypto market continuing to gain popularity, GO Markets offers options in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin cryptocurrency trading for global traders. With our platforms and superior tools, you can execute your trades with ease, spot trends through technical analysis and trade at any time. GO Markets offers cryptocurrencies as leveraged CFDs, allowing you to easily trade on price movements. For fast and reliable trading of Bitcoin and other currencies, choose GO Markets.

Online Trading with GO Markets

Trading is made easy with the reliable tools and features on offer with GO Markets. Whether you’re looking to carry out Forex trading through MT4 and MT5 for mobile or you’re interested in learning more about trading commodities or binary options, we’re committed to providing traders with the best online products, tools and platforms to help develop their trading strategy.